Big Box Retailers: Yes, You Can Afford Background Checks!

Box Stores Could Save by Investing in Pre-employment Screenings

I’ve you’ve been to a Disney theme park, you know that walking onto a property can be a heart-pounding experience. Miles of fantasy games, rides and experiences await. Where to go first?

Now, imagine your stock room—a wonderland of products that stretch as far as the eye can see. No matter how many surveillance cameras you’ve installed and how many checks and balances you’ve put into place to stop theft, the clever minds of evil-doers will find ways to circumvent your best security measures.

Shoplifters? Yes—but employee/internal theft statistics published by the National Retail Federation show that internal theft is nearly as high as shoplifting, and the situation isn’t expected to improve. In fact, a euphemism has been coined to describe employee theft: inventory shrinkage.

Perpetrators? Workers who lack integrity and retailers who undertake cost-cutting measures like using amateurs to conduct pre-employment screenings.

What can you do to combat inventory shrinkage and hire the right people? Adopt HireShield’s 3A Plan:

  • Acknowledge the fact that throughout the U.S., theft by employees has hit an all-time high of 1.44-percent of inventories. Shrinkage rates in 2015 amounted to $45.2 billion. One year later that number was $48.9 billion.
  • Accept the fact that staff cuts are leaving fewer supervisors to monitor less-than-honest employees whose down time is likely spent dreaming up new ways to steal.
  • Arm yourself by hiring a proven, cost-efficient background checking entity. At HireShield we care about your bottom line and know how easy it can be to corners, which is why our pricing is kept low while the quality of our background checks remains high.

Make Pre-Employment Screenings Part of the Hiring Process

Finally, running a pre-employment background check helps employers ensure that any new hire is legally allowed to work in the United States. This can help prevent businesses from facing fines or other legal action due to unknowingly hiring an undocumented immigrant or someone with an expired visa status.

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