Employers Types

Hireshield Law

Attorneys Law Firms

Get the legal protection for your business with HireShield’s comprehensive background checks which include criminal, civil & SSN verification

Hireshield Government

Governmental Agencies

As a federally-approved vendor, we are your resource for municipal, state and local employee screenings.

Small Business Staff

Small Business

Are you comfortable leaving your business in the hands of employees who haven’t been screened? At Hireshield, we hold small business owners in the highest regard because we’re a small business too!

Hireshield Insurance

Insurance Companies

Are you worried about insurance fraud issues; about policy holders who have a history of bogus claims? As an insurer, you need assurances about employees more than most. At Hireshield, we have your back.


Truck Drivers Transportation

Running a background check in the construction industry is essential. Materials, a vacant job site and your company’s liability are at risk if the right people aren’t on the team. The following verifcations are included in a typical background check.

Hireshield Background Checks for Teachers

Child Services Teachers

Federal law states that anyone working in a child care program as an employee or volunteer, anyone who cares for or supervises children

medical industry employee background checks

Medical Hospital Facilities

Medical background checks are intended to provide an extensive employment screening in addition to focusing on the specific areas of concern, such as a history of malpractice and federal exclusions.

The Shelbourne

Hospitality Hotels

In today’s competitive marketplace, the hospitality industry must not only manage regional hiring spikes during peak seasons but also attract and retain talent.

HireShield Restaursnts_hero


The food service industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. It can be hard to keep up with the demands of this complex industry when there are high rates of employee turnover.

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