About Employment Background Checks in Texas

With new employees come potential liabilities and risks, so conducting background checks is essential for employers in Texas. Before bringing on any new hires, HR managers, small business owners, and staffing agencies should understand the laws and regulations surrounding employment background checks in the Lone Star State. Let’s break down what you need to know about conducting employment background checks in Texas.

What Is Allowed?

Texas employers are allowed to conduct criminal history searches as part of the pre-employment process. However, employers should be aware that certain restrictions apply depending on the type of job, industry, and other factors. For example, some jobs require a higher degree of security clearance than others. These include financial services jobs where access to sensitive data may be required; law enforcement positions; healthcare jobs that involve direct patient contact; and positions dealing with vulnerable populations such as children or elderly adults. Employers should also be aware that their state or local laws may have stricter requirements than those imposed by the federal government. This is why HireShield offers pricing options tailored specifically for Texas employers that provide all of the necessary information needed to make an informed hiring decision quickly and efficiently

Background Check Providers

When it comes to hiring a third-party provider for conducting background checks in Texas, there are many options available. Most providers offer turnkey solutions that include online applications and automated reports delivered directly to employers within 24 hours. HireShield prides itself in providing results instantly because of our advanced technology connected to 5,400 individual county databases and 94 federal jurisdictions.

Employer Obligations

Once an employer has decided to conduct a background check on an applicant or employee in Texas, they must adhere to both federal and state laws regarding the collection and use of this information. This includes obtaining written consent from the applicant or employee before running a check as well as providing them with copies of their results upon request. Additionally, employers should not discriminate against applicants based solely on their background check results unless it is legally permissible under applicable state or federal law (e.g., when it involves certain safety-sensitive positions).


The laws governing employment background checks can vary significantly from state-to-state – but understanding these rules is essential for any organization. HireShield is a Texas based company and been operating in Texas since 2010 – we’ve curated the background check experience to be simple, seamless and instant for our Texas based customers. Run a background check with HireShield allowing you the peace of mind knowing you have taken all necessary steps towards achieving a safe work environment for everyone involved!


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