Pre-Employment Background Checks

Have you ever experienced a bad hire? According to the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), in a 2022 study, it was found that the average cost per new hire was $4,700. About 60% of that cost is soft costs, which include the time leaders and managers invest in supporting the specific role so no matter the size of your business, adding a member to your team means you need to conduct a pre-employment background check.

Pre-employment background checks give an employer a complete picture of the candidate:
• Verify the Individual – Check SSN (social security number)
• View Criminal Records
• Search Offenders (through our National Criminal Database Search)
• Search Nationwide Bankruptcy, Tax Lien, Judgement
• Search Federal and Statewide Civil Records
• Search Professional Licenses

At HireShield, the background check you run is all instant and all online. Finding and keeping the best person for the job is more than just an interview and a gut feeling; the average background check with HireShield costs $29.

Hire right, do it with HireShield.

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