Run your Background Check with Hireshield in 30 Seconds!

Background Checks give you a transparent view of your candidates ensuring a positive hiring experience. Whether you’re looking for potential criminal records, age verification, address verification or more advanced searches such as tax liens, bankruptcy and commercial licenses – Hireshield’s background checks will provide you accurate and reliable results.

Our process is simple; purchase the background check that fits your criteria and then input the name and SSN – wait 30 seconds and a report will be instantly generated for you to view and make a better hiring decision.

Fast Facts:

Low Cost, Pay As You Go

  • No Subscriptions
  • Buy the Background Check package that fits and then just input name and a SSN
  • Get your Results on the screen or via PDF instantly

Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

90% of criminal checks returned in <30 seconds.

White Glove Experience

90% of Five-Star, US-based Customer Support means we’re standing by –

Partner with Hireshield for Discounted Pricing 

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Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we offer background checks to meet your unique needs and we like to keep it simple. We have 4 options on our pricing page so you can easily select the option that works for you. Whether you’re hiring for a retail employee or looking at filling a management position – the background check selected will reflect what you need for your comfort level.

Online Pre-Employment Background Check
Criminal Record background check
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Why Hireshield Employee Checks @ your Fingertips?

  1. You have neither the time nor connections needed to do a proper job.
  2. Run Hireshield Background Checks from your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.
  3. You may not be trained to interpret screening results, thus it’s easier to make hiring mistakes.
  4. We cover myriad industries so you can expect specificity.
  5. We’re a small firm with clout. Our history has made us a power player in the realm of background checks.
  6. Despite our affordable pricing structure, we never deliver fluff or junk. You get more than what you pay for.
  7. There are no hidden fees attached to your data unlike other background checking services.
  8. We do, however, offer bulk and institutional private server access for HR managers.
  9. You receive the lowest-price, full-lite version and basic background check in the industry on a daily basis.

We assist people from all walks of life and especially businesses by back-checking credentials, resumes and other documentation submitted by the people you screen for potential employment opportunities.

Our expertise comes from an amalgam of two dynamic firms—First Guaranteed Data Corporation and Global Data Research Corporation. Combined and under the umbrella of Hireshield, we represent 75 years of data research, collection and analysis, conducted domestically and around the globe.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or that’s long-term your goal, we customize background checks to meet your unique needs so as your company grows, we remain the resource you turn to for all of your future needs. So, the only question that remains to be answered is, What can we do for you?

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