run a background check
Run a background check on new hires. Background checks reveal more than just if you are hiring criminals or candidates with drug or alcohol issues. (click to read more)

4 Surprising Ways Background Checks Can Improve Your Bottom Line

HireShield Employee Handbooks Background Checks
These are legally binding agreements that include specifics that can hold up in court should an employee break rules and you need recourse. (click to read more)

7 really good reasons to publish an employee handbook

Texas Background Check
HireShield is a Texas based company and been operating in Texas since 2010 – we’ve curated the background check experience to be simple, seamless and instant for our Texas based customers. (click to read more)

About Employment Background Checks in Texas

background check process
Running a background check on yourself has become increasingly popular in today's job market and housing industry. (click to read more)

Background Check on Yourself

staffing agecny
Staffing agencies need to be sure that they are providing quality candidates for their clients. To ensure this, it is essential that staffing companies conduct thorough background checks on potential hires. (click to read more)

Background Checks at Staffing Agencies

medical industry employee background checks
It’s easy and accessible to find info on a job candidate that a standard background check online may not include. (click to read more)

Background Checks for Medical Workers Can Save Lives

pre employment screenings for retailers and big box stores background checks
Pre-employment screenings reduce theft. No matter how many cameras you’ve installed clever minds of evil-doers will circumvent your security measures. (click to read more)

Big Box Retailers: Yes, You Can Afford Background Checks!

blockchain background checks technology instant
Unlike traditional databases, blockchain stores information in a distributed network of computers or nodes. (click to read more)

Blockchain meets Background Checks

discount background checks for bulk orders
Order your Background Checks in Volume/Bulk and redeem anytime... Start Taking Advantage of Discount Background Checks by Buying in Bulk Today! (click to read more)

Bulk Discount Background Checks

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