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We don’t have to tell you that companies rely upon numbers to operate successfully, and these days, numbers don’t lie about employment issues, either. According to a study conducted by America Online and published on the Statistic Brain website in 2017, resume falsification statistics are nothing short of frightening:

53% of all job applications and resumes “contain falsifications.”

70% of college students say they are willing to lie “to get the job they want.”

46% of ADP job seekers submitted discrepancy-littered resumes.

78% of resumes submitted to employers were judged to contain misleading information.

“Participants in this survey had nothing to lose; they submitted answers to AOL anonymously”

Can you afford to take a chance on the people you hire? Of course not. You hold management to a high standard and you have every right to expect the same of the people you hire, no matter where they fit on your employee flow chart. Must you look at every applicant as a security risk? It’s not a bad way to approach your hiring practices. One of the best ways you can cull the wheat from the chaff quickly, affordably and efficiently is find out up front what potential issues new hires can bring with them should they assume a role within your company.

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Why Should Your HR Department Use Hireshield?

Whether your HR department is staffed to the limit or you’ve got a few irreplaceable professionals holding down the fort, the Hireshield nerve center performs like locks along the Panama Canal: Every decision made impacts smooth transition from one sea (unemployment) to another (a job).

Multiply this by your attrition rates and you know how important it can be to keep your HR department happy.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “the staggering cost of finding and hiring top talent today—not to mention the millions of dollars’ worth of productivity that can be left unrealized when a company’s employees aren’t engaged with their jobs—highlights the need to devote more time and resources to developing and managing this greatest asset.”

The stakes get higher if background checks are cursory rather than intensive. Doesn’t your HR staff deserve a background check resource they can count on for accuracy?

At Hireshield, we know a thing or two about interacting with Human Resources. We know that they juggle impossible tasks that range from listening to complaints non-stop firing staffers (stress-producing for everyone), managing employee resources and they’re the first line of defense in the interviewing realm, so the pressure to “get it right” is enough to stress out even the most professional HR staff member.

Make it easy on your employment professionals by handing them tools they can count on: Hireshield background checks that land in the hands of the people who need them via a fast, thorough process that will make their jobs easier, not harder.

We don’t keep HR professionals cooling their heels. When they need a backgrounder, they need it now. And the more background checks we undertake on their behalf, the more money your company saves, so a marriage between your staff and Hireshield can make life easier for everyone.

Our Unique Approach to Background Checks

We’re not in the business of inflating our image, nor do we ask you to believe that we’re all things to all people. Background checks are our arena, so all of our expertise, energy and technical skills are focused on the task.

Further, our shield is one of the most equitable in the industry: We devote the same amount of attention to mom and pop businesses as we do to huge corporations and our screening services know no boundaries.

Whether you need data about a job candidate from Paris, France or Paris, Texas, you can take our results to the bank. Because we do background checks and only background checks, Hireshield won’t waste your time, money or patience. To obtain the data you need, we use state-of-the-art methodology to deliver facts you can trust, because our methods are intelligent, innovative and creative.

With a Hireshield screening, you get the real story behind your job candidate in a timely manner so you don’t waste the time of viable candidate who are ideal matches for your company.

Trust. Honesty. Timeliness. Everything you seek and none of the extras that can balloon your fees and take you down a path you don’t have time to travel. Hireshield background checks have even been known to improve the quality of sleep HR managers get!


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