All Hireshield Data is Less than 30 Days Old

Bronze Pricing 1

$19/per Check

✓ Registered Sex Offender
✓  Statewide 7 year Criminal History Search

$29/per Check

All in Bronze Plus

✓ Known Aliases
✓  Age Verification
✓  SSN Verification
✓  Death Index Verification
✓  Nationwide Criminal History Search

Gold package 1

$39/per Check

All in Silver Plus

✓ 20 Year Address History
✓  Nationwide Tax Lien Search
✓  Nationwide Judgement Search
✓  Death Index Verification
✓  Nationwide Bankruptcy

Platinum Package

$49/per Check

All in Gold Plus

✓ List of Neighbors
✓ Pilot’s License Search
✓ Alias/Maiden Name Check
✓ Spouse/Roommates Locator
✓  Property Ownership Search
✓  Aircraft Ownership Search

✓  Phone Numbers by Address
✓  List of Possible Relatives
✓  Relatives’ Address History
✓  List of Possible Associates
✓  Possible Businesses Ownership
✓  Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search
✓  National Federal Criminal Record Search
✓  National Federal and State Bankruptcy Scan
✓  National Federal and State Tax Lien Scan
✓  National Federal and Civil Judgments Scan
✓  Commercial Vessels Ownership Search
✓  DEA controlled substances license

A la Carte Background Checks

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