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Disclaimer: “According to Federal Law, Criminal Charges after seven years are not reported, as it is illegal for employers to use this information in the hiring of a candidate” 

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Employee Background Check Pricing

We address employee background checks and screening fees upfront. You’re not left guessing like other background check resources. Lets get right to the point of pricing. What’s this going to cost me?

Our background check pricing structure is no secret: Get a basic background check workup for $19; a more comprehensive background check for $29 or $39 and the most thorough Hireshield workup of everything for $49. Why do we have 4 pricing levels? Because you determine how much information you need to make a hiring decision, we don’t.

How can we keep our pricing so affordable? You can thank technology, the availability of data and our 75-year history. No longer seen as an unseemly way to validate the honesty of job candidates, prospective mates and officials, background checks have become respectable ways to ensure against bad hiring decisions and unwise lifestyle choices, thus background check information has become easier to retrieve.

It’s a very simple process to Register and Order your background check, just click this “Step by Step Instructions” link or button below and walk through the process before ordering.

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  • 2% Discount = 50 Background Checks
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  • 10% Discount = 500 Background Checks
  • 15% Discount = 1000 Background Checks
  • 20% Discount = 2500+ Background Checks


No Contracts, No Drama and No Fuss....

We don’t require you to sign a contract nor will we ask you to be an expert number cruncher. We use sophisticated algorithms to help you figure out your annual screening projections and base our pricing on future usage so we don’t charge you for services you don’t need.

Instead, we customize pricing just for you. Don’t you want to work with a company that puts your needs first?

According to, a service that estimates the cost of services, you could fork over as much as $120 for a rudimentary background report if you use an investigative resource to do the job. Do it on your own and you’ll spend up to $55. That doesn’t count the time it takes to figure out how to use the systems needed to get results or the clearances you’ll need to extract data.

Sound daunting? It can be. But we’re the contemporary resource born of 75 years of investigative expertise resulting from the merging of two data collection services. You get all of the thoroughness and none of the bureaucracy associated with a per-background check cost that starts at $19.99.