Background Checks for Medical Workers Can Save Lives

Why do staffers at Florida’s Hogan Law practice frequently cite the headline, “Pasco jury awards $47.4M in massage sexual battery case” when talking to state health care system clients? Because it helps attorneys impress upon them the critical nature of employee background checks in today’s litigious climate.

As a person responsible for keeping your health care system running efficiently, your goals likely include protecting your company’s bottom line and reputation. One of the best—and most affordable—ways to do just that is to conduct a background check on each job candidate. It’s as important as the insurance policies you carry. 

The benefits a background check on employees:

  • Your legal bills should be lower thanks to fewer liability-related issues.
  • Applicants can’t fool you by citing falsified degrees, credentials or work history.
  • Hidden substance abuse histories and/or arrests are unearthed.
  • Your company may avoid statutory licensing violations.
  • Turnover could improve because new hires are thoroughly vetted. 
  • Your workplace enjoys less turmoil, violence and there’s less risk to patients.  

HireShield digs deep so you don’t have to.

We don’t have to tell you that the nation’s health care system needs a continual infusion of new talent to care for our growing population—especially the influx of seniors who are living longer and are big beneficiaries of medical progress and innovation. 

But as time passes, laws related to hiring have become more complex. Which is exactly why you need a company cleared by the government and other entities to gain access to data that reveals the truth about job candidates. We know the law. And we know where to look to find out whether someone you are thinking of hiring has a past that would make him or her a bad—and perhaps even dangerous–fit.

We invite you to leave the job of background checks to a company with a combined, proven track record of 75 years. And because you don’t have to liquidate your corporate assets to afford HireShield’s services, you can use those savings for better things—like showing your loyal employees how much you value them!

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