Reasons to Run a Background Check

How could you have prevented a bad hire?


Hiring Managers have a very difficult job; not only are they hiring employees that have matching credentials for the job at hand but then they have to evaluate cultural fit. Is the individual they’re hiring going to build morale, a sense of community and deliver on the results expected of them? Multiple rounds of interviews play an important role in mitigating risky hires but at HireShield, we believe the data speaks for itself. Reasons to run a background check are the following:

  • protect your business from potential risks (legal)
  • ensures that the candidate is accurately representing themselves and their qualifications on their resume
  • provides information on individual’s work history and character traits
  • confirms your new hire is legally allowed to work in the United States

Here’s how HireShield addresses these important tasks:


  • The Platinum (top-of-the-line) background check displays information on Outside Business Activity (LLC ownership), Professional License Search, Address History, Federal/State Tax Liens, Judgments (Civil), Bankruptcy Verification and the standards (Sex Offender Search, Criminal Records, SSN/Age Verification). Think of your C-Suite or employees who need state certifications to do their jobs (plumbers, electricians, CDL holders, etc)
  • The Gold background check covers all the standard items (Sex Offender Search, Criminal Records, SSN/Age Verification) and all federal/state liens and civil judgements. This is a secure method to get a full history on a potential employee.
  • The Silver background check is our most commonly used package and should be considered the minimum standard to bring a new addition to your organization. It covers National Criminal Records, Sex Offender Search, Social Security Number Verification and Age Verification.
  • The Bronze background check is a Statewide Criminal Record Search and Sex Offender Search.


In addition to HireShield’s background check packages, there are an array of singular search items (of which a few are highlighted below:


There are various reasons for a background check (compliance, verification, reputation) but ultimately, this one-step process with HireShield gives you the peace of mind knowing your hires are going to perform on the job. While your reasons to run a background check may differ case-by-case, the core reason stays the same; knowing who you hire.

To learn more or to contact HireShield, visit our About Us page.

If you need our background check authorization form, you can download it here.






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