Types of background checks available for restaurants

Running a successful restaurant is no easy feat—from navigating trends in the food industry to dealing with countless customer preferences and satisfaction, there are many elements of restaurant management that require close attention. Restaurant and Hospitality Background checks are a screening method used by professionals in the industry to ensure smooth operations. One vital step that owners often overlook when overseeing their operations, however, is something as simple as running background checks. Many restaurants strive to maintain high standards of safety and accountability; conducting background checks on staff ensures that these objectives remain at the forefront of your business model while also protecting customers from potential issues/concerns. Read on to discover why all restaurant owners should run a background check before hiring any employee!

Benefits of running a background check for restaurants

By conducting thorough research into a person’s past, you can determine if they have any red flags in their past that could be problematic for your organization. This includes criminal records, financial problems, or any other issues that might lead to legal or financial trouble for your business down the road. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the candidate is accurately representing themselves and their qualifications on their resume. A background check can provide insight into whether or not they truly have the qualifications they say they do.

It’s also very important to ensure that any new hire is legally allowed to work in the United States. This can help prevent businesses from facing fines or other legal action due to unknowingly hiring an undocumented immigrant or someone with an expired visa status. The types of background checks for restaurants vary depending on what the owner/ manager is looking for but we outline below what is considered essential.

Different types of background checks: restaurants and hospitality 

HireShield recommends a Silver level background check for employees in the restaurant and hospitality business. This level background check will cover Criminal Records, Sex Offender Registry, Age and Social Security verification.

If you’re hiring for a manager position, we recommend using the Gold level background check. This full-spectrum search covers bankruptcy, tax lien, civil cases in addition to the items included in the Silver level background check.

Tips on how to create an effective screening policy

To ensure that you are picking the right talent, a background check is quintessential. It will make sure that you have complete and accurate information related to the prospective candidate-everything from their past educational qualifications and professional achievements to work history to criminal activity. Furthermore, while taking into consideration your budget and timeline, it’s important to ensure that individualized checks are performed thus eliminating any potential bias or blind spots on someone’s profile. Ultimately, making an informed decision on who you want in your organization restores trust, confidence and reliability in what the business does –making it successful for years to come.

Step-by-step guide on how to run a successful background check process

  1. Visit HireShield.com
  2. Select Pricing
  3. Select the background check level (we recommend Silver or Gold)
  4. After the purchase, visit the dashboard to input the name and SSN of the individual
  5. View results on your screen or download the PDF copy made available instantly


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