How to Verify Social Security Numbers

Secrets of Social Security Verification


Social security numbers are key identifiers used throughout the United States. It is important to verify an individual’s social security number (SSN) when processing employment paperwork, as incorrect or fake SSN’s can lead to significant delays and fines. Let’s explore the best methods for verifying an individual’s SSN.

The SSA Number Verification Service (SSNVS) is a service provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The system allows employers, financial institutions and other business entities to use the SSA database to verify that reported names and SSNs match SSA records in real-time. This verification process must be completed before any wages are paid to new employees. This is an essential part of the background check process which third party background check companies complete on the employer’s behalf – HireShield is FCRA compliant for these searches.

Additionally, employers should utilize paper documents such as driver’s license, birth certificate or passport in order to validate an applicant’s identity when processing employment paperwork. When compared with records of the SSA database, employers can make sure that these documents contain valid information that matches what was reported on the applicant’s Form W-2 or Form I-9 form correctly.



It is essential for businesses of all sizes to properly verify social security numbers before they are accepted as part of any employment paperwork. By utilizing services like HireShield, and reviewing paper documentation such as driver’s licenses and passports, employers can be confident that their employees have valid SSNs—and avoid costly penalties due incorrect or fake information. With this knowledge in hand businesses owners have the tools necessary to verify social security numbers quickly and easily!

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