Staffing / Recruiting Companies

-Run a background check for your client before submitting their resumes

-All your corporate clients will know your hires are pre-approved.

-Pre-Approve them instantly.

A Hireshield background check is your best insurance against faulty hires.


Hireshield Setup Instructions

  1. Register Yourself or your Company with Hireshield.
  2. Login into your newly created account.
  3. Purchase from 1 to 5000 Redeemable Credits for Hireshield Background Checks and have them ready for redemption.
  4. When a potential employee/candidate arrives… login into your account.
  5. Ask candidate for their “Name, SS Number, Date of Birth & Residing City and type that into the online form.
  6. 30 Seconds Later…. make your decision!
  7. YES, it’s that fast…. feel confident in your decision!