Understanding Arrest Records

Arrest records and federal criminal records can be intimidating concepts for many, especially those involved in the hiring process. It is important to understand what they are, how they are kept, and who has access to them. Below is an overview of both arrest records and federal criminal records, what information they contain, and where you can find them.

What Are Arrest Records?

Arrest records are public documents that show when a person has been apprehended by law enforcement authorities. They include the name of the accused, the date of the arrest, any charges made against the accused person, and details about the law enforcement agencies involved in making the arrest. The purpose of arrest records is to provide a record of arrests made by local police departments so that other law enforcement agencies can access this information as needed. It also serves as a reference for employers who may want to conduct background checks on potential employees.

What Are Federal Criminal Records?

Federal criminal records are documents maintained by the federal government that list individuals who have been convicted of crimes in federal court. This includes offenses committed on federal property or within national parks; interstate transportation offenses; violations of U.S. laws; or crimes involving multiple states or jurisdictions across state lines. These documents contain detailed information about each conviction including date of offense, type of crime committed, sentence imposed (if applicable), and other relevant details pertaining to each case. In addition to providing a reference for employers looking into potential employees’ backgrounds, these documents also serve as legal evidence if an individual is ever charged with another crime in federal court.

Where Can I Find Arrest Records and Federal Criminal Records?

Arrest records are typically available through local police departments or through third-party websites that are authorized to conduct background checks by the FCRA. HireShield’s advanced technology interfaces daily with all 5,400 individual county databases and the 94 federal jurisdictions. To comply with laws and regulations by the FCRA, these records will only reflect instances that took place in the past 7 years.

Conducting background checks on potential hires is essential for many businesses but it can be difficult to navigate all the different types of public documents available out there—especially when it comes to understanding arrest records and federal criminal records. Knowing what kind of information these documents contain—as well as where you can find them—is key when it comes to ensuring your business remains compliant with all relevant laws while still protecting itself from potential liabilities down the road. With this knowledge in tow, you will now be better equipped to make informed decisions about which applicants should be hired—and which ones should not. Choose HireShield for your background check and/or contact us at orders@hireshield.com for vendor pricing.

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