Why you should contact us to undertake your screenings?

  1. You have neither the time nor connections needed to do a proper job.
  2. You may not be trained to interpret screening results, thus it’s easier to make hiring mistakes.
  3. We cover myriad industries so you can expect specificity (see below for industry highlights).
  4. We’re a small firm with clout. Our history has made us a power player in the realm of background checks.
  5. Despite our affordable pricing structure, we never deliver fluff or junk. You get more than what you pay for.
  6. There are no hidden fees attached to your data unlike other background checking services.
  7. We do, however, offer bulk and institutional private server access for HR managers.
  8. You receive the lowest-price, full-lite version and basic background check in the industry on a daily basis.


Hireshield Setup Instructions

  1. Register Yourself or your Company with Hireshield.
  2. Login into your newly created account.
  3. Purchase from 1 to 5000 Redeemable Credits for Hireshield Background Checks and have them ready for redemption.
  4. When a potential employee/candidate arrives… login into your account.
  5. Ask candidate for their “Name, SS Number, Date of Birth & Residing City and type that into the online form.
  6. 30 Seconds Later…. make your decision!
  7. YES, it’s that fast…. feel confident in your decision!

Volume Discounts

Volume Discounts Available – Please email us at orders@hireshield.com to initiate your volume discount 

Order your Background Checks in Volume/Bulk and redeem anytime 24-7/365 on your own Background Check Dashboard

2% Discount = 50 Background Checks
5% Discount = 100 Background Checks
10% Discount = 500 Background Checks
15% Discount = 1000 Background Checks
20% Discount = 2500+ Background Checks

What you should know about compliance

If it seems as though the word compliance is bandied about endlessly these days, that’s probably because it has so many meanings and even more ramifications. Bottom line is that background screening checks aren’t a random act that can be conducted and interpreted any way an employer wishes. This is a regulated industry.

And for those who conduct background checks improperly or without regard for the legal protections guaranteed to both hiring companies and prospective employers—well, the risk of litigation can put a company out of business fast.

What kinds of trouble can you encounter if you try to conduct background checks on your own? The list is long and includes negligent hiring claims, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) infractions and Pre-adverse/Adverse Action mandates that can make the job of background checking an exercise similar to clearing territory of landmines: You need a professional to do it right so you avoid another long list of consequences.

At Hireshield, we understand the need for compliance and the ramifications of negligent hiring—situations resulting from improper background checks that cause employees to sue employers because an HR department failed to apply due diligence to proper screening protocols.

We are on the front lines every day, keeping companies in the Hireshield family from having to deal with the stress, cost and time lost as a result of hiring practices that didn’t include the right background screenings.

Our understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act is unparalleled. At Hireshield, we take seriously the regulated use of consumer reports by employers so our clients understand their basic responsibilities relating to all legal aspects associated with screenings. We even counsel our clients on how to avoid litigation.

We’re also experts on the protocols of informing prospective hires on negative outcomes their background checks have unearthed, so you can expect a smooth, fast process with each screening you order.

Every time you order a Hireshield background check, you’re getting the best of two worlds you care most about as a business owner: Thoroughness in concert with affordability. Not every screening resource is as concerned as we are about our clients staying on the right side of screening laws and while we don’t do drug testing or make you sign contracts, you can count on our integrity because compliance is our middle name.

Sound good? Contacting us to discuss your needs doesn’t cost you a penny.

When it comes to background checks, do you really want to put your orders into the hands of people who haven’t a clue about the liability and legal issues associated with improperly conducted research? Of course not.

We abide by all Equal Opportunity Commission and Federal Trade Commission guidelines when we undertake background checks, so you can be assured that we are serious about our commitment to customers.

There’s a lot riding on your ability to learn the truth about the people you hire. We’re discreet, licensed, bonded and certified to do this work using protocols that are above reproach, so don’t let that $19.99 background check price worry you. When you’ve been in business as long as we have, rest assured that we’re just better and faster at delivering results!

Call us immediately for additional information or to place your first order. We are so confident you’ll be satisfied, we back up our fee with a money-back guarantee, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.